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Welcome to Worlds Registration. We sincerely hope your experience at the 2018 Country Dance World Championships® will be awesome and memorable. The first step toward achieving this goal is to make sure you have all the information you need to select the event pass that best fits your needs and preferences.

If you’ve registered for Worlds in the past, and you’re familiar with the on-line and/or manual registration process, you may get started immediately by clicking on one of the icons below. If you are new to Worlds, or you would like to know more before you begin to register, please keep reading.

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Earlybird Pricing Discounts:

We want to see you at Worlds no matter when you sign up – even if it’s on site in San Fransisco. However, when you register early, it helps us do a better job of planning and scheduling. To encourage you to do just that, we have two separate discounts built into our pricing based on when you register and pay. Our very best pricing lasts until June 30th. After that, pricing will adjust upward on July 1st, and again on October the 14th. Please realize that early registration discounts apply based on the date we receive your payment (which may not be the day you register). Registrations received without payment will not qualify for discounts, and will be subject to the rates applicable at the time payment is received. Click here to view the Registration Prices. The various event pass options are described below.  

How to Register:

We provide two basic methods of registering for the Country Dance World Championships®. The first is a step-by-step on-line registration process that allows you to purchase event passes, sign up for the various dance contests, or both. The second registration method is to download and print the registration form, manually fill it out, and mail (or fax) it to us at the address provided.

We know that some customers enjoy the ease and the immediate nature of electronic registration, but are uncomfortable providing credit card information over the internet. No problem! Our easy to use on-line system will allow you to exit without paying, and will instead provide you with a payment coupon that you must mail (or fax) to us along with your personal check or credit card information. Your payment will be processed upon receipt and you will receive an email confirmation of your payment and entry.

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns about your registration, please contact us. If you have a general question about registration, please contact our Registrar, Pam Butler at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call her at (817) 236-7791.

Registration Pass Options

We know you like options ~ here is a brief overview of the various passes available:  

«  6 Day Pass with Unlimited Workshops – this is our “everything” pass. Select this pass to take as many premium couples, line dance, or dance technique workshops as you like, plus attend as many dance parties, competitions and other Worlds activities as you like.  

«  Basic 6 Day Pass – select this pass if you are attending Worlds but don’t expect to have time to attend any of the premium workshops. You will still be able to attend all classes offered in the Line Dance Lobby and the “Free” workshop room, plus you may attend as many dance parties, competitions and other Worlds activities as you like.

«  3 Day Pass – This is the 3 day versions (Thursday afternoon thru Sunday) of the 6 day pass described above. Choose this pass if you can only attend on the weekend. Anyone purchasing a 3 day pass can begin enjoying Worlds activities at noon on Thursday.  

«  One Day Pass – a one day pass is equivalent to the basic 6 or 3 day pass described above, but only for the day of purchase. This pass may or may not include any premium workshops…your choice. Yes, you can dance until dawn with a day pass (or until the music stops). Pricing is slightly higher for the weekend.  

«  One Night Pass – Like a one day pass, we also sell a one night pass. These are available after 6:00 pm daily. Pricing is slightly higher for weekend nights.

«  Single Workshop Tickets – Anyone may purchase a single workshop ticket to attend any line, couples, or specialty workshop for $8.

«  Spectator Pass - Anyone may purchase a spectator pass to watch competition from 8:00 am until approximately 5:00 pm in the Presidential Ballroom. The price will be $10 each day of competition.

«  Juniors – Our junior customers (17 and younger) may purchase their event passes at half price! Just select the equivalent 6-day, 3-day or 1-day pass from our pricing menu to receive the discount. In addition, our junior competitors can get all of their standard division entry fees for half price through October 13th. Please see the Competitor Information page for more details about junior entry fees.

Cancellation Policy

We realize unexpected circumstances can disrupt your plans. If you need to cancel your registration, we will issue a full refund if you notify us prior to November 1, 2017. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate refund requests after that time.

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