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UCWDC competition at Worlds 2017 is shaping up to be awesome once again. We’ve now received registrations for approximately 4,500 UCWDC dance contest entries! Please click the link below to see who’s registered.

Listing of Competitors

Contest Heat Sheets

All competitors please note: the open registration period for UCWDC contest entries closed on November 15th, 2016. Therefore, the on-line registration system will no longer function to accept any new UCWDC contest entries. However, you may still register for UCWDC contests until December 5th, 2016. To register between now and then, you must send your registration to the UCWDC Registrar Pam Butler using the manual form located on the Registration page of this website. The Registrar’s address is listed on the bottom of the form. Contest entries received between now and December 7th are considered “late entries” and will be subject to a late fee (unless extenuating circumstances warrant a waiver of the late fees). Under no circumstances will UCWDC contest entries be accepted after December 5th, 2016.

There is no deadline for entry into the Jack & Jill contests, Line Dance Choreography, or Showtime divisions, or for the purchase of event passes. The on-line system will still function normally to purchase any of these items.


The comprehensive Worlds 2017 Schedule, including activity and contest start times, is now complete. It is unlikely that starting times will change significantly between now and Worlds, but minor revisions to the schedule could still occur. The contest/event schedule may be viewed by clicking on the following link:

Preliminary Timed Contest Schedule

Detailed scheduling information for workshops, social dancing, and other planned Worlds activities are posted elsewhere on this website. Please check the appropriate pages, and also the special attractions, shuttle and live video streaming information available by clicking the link on the Home page, for full details.

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