~July 29, 2020~

Q&A with Worlds Director Anthony Lee.

Q: What are the qualification requirements for Worlds 2021?
A: Worlds will be open to the World this year!
Competitors are required to have a current UCWDC membership but the event qualifications have been waived for this dance year. You can read more about it in the July 15 letter here:

Q: There is usually a no refunds policy for Worlds, does that apply for 2021?
A: If Worlds cancels, registrants will have the choice to roll over their items to Worlds 2022 (Rosen Centre – Orlando, FL) or a full refund minus the administration fee. If registrants need to cancel for any reason and request a refund, they can do so by November 30, 2020. The administration fee is not refundable. Cancellations after the deadline will be credited towards Worlds 2022.

Registration can be mailed or completed online:
-1st Early Bird deadline August 30, 2020
-2nd Early Bird deadline October 30, 2020
-Full price through the close of registration (online registration closes November 17, 2020)

Q: Is the hotel sold out?
A: No, we did post a request to our dance community in early July to please cancel their reservation if they did not plan to attend Worlds. At this time Worlds hotel still has availability. If you are not planning to attend Worlds, please cancel your hotel reservation. Having accurate counts is very important for the hotel’s sanitation planning as well as for the Worlds team protocols.

Q: When will the Covid 19 protocols be available?
A: The Worlds team has been adjusting the plans as the requirements have been released by the federal and local government agencies. San Antonio – We will conduct screening activities in order to be exempted from the prohibition on gatherings of more than 100.
Our safety protocols will be posted on our website in August and we will continue to update them as the requirements change.

Questions can be emailed to

UCWDC Country Dance World Championships
December 27, 2020 – January 3, 2021
Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa
San Antonio, Texas